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Child Protection and Bullying

We were delighted to receive an inspiring workshop from Pastor Vara Mejudhon with the topic of ‘Child Protection and Bullying’ on 29th April. During the time we had been reflecting statistics and factors of bullying in various situations. Meanwhile going through discussions regarding prevention methods especially pondering about accountability as teachers. Besides, proactive resolutions such as group rules and role-modeling have been brought to be what we are able to promote as the first step in our learning centers. Our teachers have had such fruitful experience to learn establishing a supportive and safe school climate where all students are being accepted.

Congratulations to our staff who successfully completed the course
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Measures to be in place for teaching and learning during COVID-19 in Manorom International Christian School by referred from Guidelines of Department of Health. School will comply with the precautionary measures to support Educational Management during the COVID-19 Outbreak.

Prior to Opening
1. School to promote understanding of basic information about Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), including its symptoms, complications, how it is transmitted and how to prevent transmission to staff, parents, and related parties.
2. School to obtain health and travelling history information from staff, students, parents, and relevant outsource workers in the past 14 days.
3. School to allocate clear usable space, prepare classrooms, nap area, communal learning space (shared space), canteen, recreation space by following strict social distancing of not less than 1 meter between person with clear signages installed across the school premise. Space must always be ready for use.
4. School must maintain consistent disinfectant within the school buildings and all surfaces, this including learning resources, and learning equipment. The disinfectant shall be done before the start of the day everyday.
5. School must arrange screening at the entrance and perform temperature checks of all persons coming onto campus including students, staff, and all entrants and for all entries.
6. School to ensure plenty of hand washing stations and/or alcohol-based hand rubs are available at the school entrance(s), classrooms, inside and around the school buildings, restrooms and activity spaces.
7. Provide information on the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), covering how to observe symptoms, school measures and disease prevention.

During School Day
1. Anyone entering the school campus must be screened for fever at the entrance. Should they possess a fever of 37.5 degree Celsius or more and/or displaying signs of respiratory symptoms such as cough, sneezing or runny nose, such that they will not be permitted to enter the school. School to document this in a log book.
2. Teachers will always keep checking student’s masks and face shields. All students, staff, visitors or anyone contacting the school must wear a face mask all the time while on campus.
3. School to ensure a good ventilation system and circulation of airflow and all students must take off their shoes before entering classroom.
4. School to ensure plenty of hand washing stations and/or alcohol-based hand rubs are available at the school campus.
5. Social distancing measure to be followed strictly.
6. Students will be checked their temperature every 2 hours.
7. Teaching staff must remind students to wash their hands at the end of their teaching period or after an activity that required touching many materials.
8. Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfectant of classroom, restroom, door knob, railing, playground, teaching and learning resources and equipment, etc. every end of the day. Any intimate shared resources including toys, music mouthpieces, safety glasses, safety gloves must be cleaned before and after use. Personal toy items are not allow to be brought in school.
9. Refrain from holding meeting, clubs, extra tutorials and lessons are to be cancelled. Cancel all sports that involve close contact of athletes and/or participants. This includes team sports.
10. Outdoor activities with nature will be applied to avoid staying in air-conditioning more than 2 hours.
11. There will not be having nap time for Kindergarten students.
12. In the case where there is a suspected case of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). Teacher will report the case to School Director and School Office will report immediately to parents. School must notify Public Health Official for further disease investigation, quarantine and treatment.

End of School Day
1. School to ensure all students have been picked up immediately at the end of school day and no after school activities.
2. School to setup COVID-19 response team to evaluate the school’s preventive measures against the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) and to provide the daily report to the School Director.

Regional Student Convention Far East Asia 2019

On 23rd-28th 2019. Our school has joined

"Regional Student Convention Far East Asia 2019"

at 700th Annivesary, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

And our students have achieved success in many

activities as follows 6 Gold Medals 1) Badminton

Singles Male Jr. - Techin (Achi) Ausangthong 2)

Table Tennis Male Sr. - Yian (Andrew) Xu 3)

Acrylics Painting - Jiahui (Grace) Yang 4) Soccer Kick Sr. - Pitchayut (Pitch) Yookroung 5) Sketching - Zehao (Henry) Yu 6) Puppets Sr. - Suphanida (Prim) Yookroung, Nabhasorn (Khun) Somsook 2 Silver Medals 1) Table Tennis Female Sr. - Nabhasorn (Khun) Somsook 2) Oil Painting - Zhiruo (Ellis) Wang 8 Bronze Medals 1) Piano Solo Female Sr. - Mujie (Hannah) Ren 2) 400 Meter Dash Male Sr. - Yian (Andrew) Xu 3) 400 Meter Dash Female Sr. - Jiahui (Grace) Yang 4) Acrylics Painting - Suphanida (Prim) Yookroung 5) Metalworking - Suphanida (Prim) Yookroung 6) Wood Construction - Suphanida (Prim) Yookroung 7) 1600 Meter Run Male Sr. - Yahui (James) Zhu 8) Basketball Male Sr. - Issara Juntapradeang (Daniel), Yian (Andrew) Xu, Qi (Steven) Yan, Pitchayut Yookroung (Pitch), Zehao (Henry) Yu, Yahui (James) Zhu

MICS Field Trip 2019
His Life Musical Live in Bangkok (16th A

On 16th August 2019. Our students and teachers have had a field trip to Bangkok to watch the musical at GMM Live House, Central World. This musical was first debuted in Texas and Missouri in 1989 and received “Best Production of the Year”. More than 39 million people around the world watched it, such as USA, China, Russia, Spain, South Korea and throughout the continent of Africa. This was the great opportunity for our students to have a chance to watch this musical.

The 5th Awards Night

We'd like to thank you all parents and guests of honor for coming to our annual celebration "The 5th Awards Night 2019" to celebrate the students' achievement together. There were a total of 246 participants this year. We were impressed by the students' performance and awards presentation. We are proud of our student for their effort in every performance and their success for every awards given. To God be all the Glory!

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