Head of School's Welcome,


             Manorom International Christian School is a school that follows A.C.E curriculum which is based on the Word of God. A focus of the curriculum is to develop academic performance through individualized and mastery-based learning. Students are placed in a level they will excel and the curriculum ensures that students master the concepts before they progress to a new lesson.   

           Our school is more than an academic institution. Its environment is designed to allow holistic development of learners which helps in the discovery of God's purpose for every child. Student’s character is shaped continuously through the culture and values of the school. We aim to cultivate core values of having Jesus as the center of their lives, being disciplined and responsible learner and having committed heart of servant. Gradually student's lives will be transformed and be prepared to achieve their future goals.  

               We at MICS are committed to "making a difference in lives one child at a time."



       Mrs. Lily Tan
     ​Head of School

Our History

            In July 2014, the MICS Board has established a Christian international school within the grounds of the Christian Learning Foundation, formerly the Christian Leprosy Foundation, a hospital ministry set up by OMF (Overseas Mission Fellowship). There is still a clinic for local people on the site. The newly styled CLF includes community outreach language programs, retreat center, a rehabilitation center and an international school (Manorom International Christian School-MICS). The vision is to continue to spread the Gospel through education notably English language learning.

             The vision to start MICS was conceived after the fulfillment of the hospital ministry.  The leadership of CLF headed by Dr. Krassanai Wangrangsimakul came together in partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Sabah (ADOS), Malaysia through the late Bishop Albert Vun to start the school using a Bible-based curriculum. After several school visits to some schools in Malaysia under the supervision of the Anglican Diocese of Sabah, the Board decided to adopt the Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.), an American Bible-based curriculum. Other advantages of the A.C.E. curriculum are that it is individualized and mastery-based, up-to-date, and recognized worldwide.

              In March 17, 2014, the Private Education Commission of Chainat approved the A.C.E. Curriculum that MICS uses. MICS also received an international school license from the Ministry of Education in July 15, 2014. After operating for more than one year, MICS underwent Internal Quality Assessment review in May 17, 2016 by the Ministry of Education and successfully passed it. Moreover, the school has attained and maintained Quality Status from School of Tomorrow, Asia. At present, MICS is undergoing external quality assessment by Accreditation International (AI), a recognized US accreditation agency setting global quality standards in international education.

              The school started with less than 10 students in its first year of operation, but the number of students has been growing steadily year on year. Students at MICS have many opportunities to showcase their individual and group talents within and outside the school. Their participation in Regional Convention and other locally organized events are a testimony on how well they are being prepared and equipped in all areas of their academic, emotional, social, and spiritual standing at MICS.

Mrs. Lily Tan is currently the Principal of MICS working side by side with the School Board to make sure that the students receive quality education.  

                 In just five years since its opening, MICS hosted different local and international trainings on its grounds i.e. A.C.E. Global Training, ESL and Advanced Training, Service Adventure, Community Development Camp – Manorom Informal Education Department, and several Mission Teams from different countries around the world. There is a rich international cultural exchange that is being developed among the MICS staffs and students.

                 All the Glory be unto God who has begun a good works and will bring to its fulfillment!